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Finlandia FLB 80S Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FLB 80S Sauna Heater
Sale price$1,090.98 Regular price$1,276.00
Save $179.22
Finlandia FLB 80 Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FLB 80 Sauna Heater
Sale price$1,056.78 Regular price$1,236.00
Save $115.40
Finlandia FLB 60S Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FLB 60S Sauna Heater
Sale price$1,038.60 Regular price$1,154.00
Save $111.40
Finlandia FLB 60 Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FLB 60 Sauna Heater
Sale price$1,002.60 Regular price$1,114.00
Save $109.00
Finlandia FLB-45S Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FLB-45S Sauna Heater
Sale price$981.00 Regular price$1,090.00
Save $105.00
Finlandia FLB 45 Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FLB 45 Sauna Heater
Sale price$945.00 Regular price$1,050.00
Save $105.20
Finlandia FLB-30S Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FLB-30S Sauna Heater
Sale price$946.80 Regular price$1,052.00
Save $101.20
Finlandia FLB-30 Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FLB-30 Sauna Heater
Sale price$910.80 Regular price$1,012.00
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Finlandia K15G Club Series Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia K15G Club Series Sauna Heater
Sale price$2,237.40 Regular price$2,486.00
Save $217.00
Finlandia K12.5G Club Series Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia K12.5G Club Series Sauna Heater
Sale price$1,953.00 Regular price$2,170.00
Save $210.80
Finlandia K10G Club Series Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia K10G Club Series Sauna Heater
Sale price$1,897.20 Regular price$2,108.00
Save $122.00
Finlandia FIN 80S Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FIN 80S Sauna Heater
Sale price$1,098.00 Regular price$1,220.00
Save $117.00
Finlandia FIN-80 Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FIN-80 Sauna Heater
Sale price$1,053.00 Regular price$1,170.00
Save $106.40
Finlandia FIN 60S Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FIN 60S Sauna Heater
Sale price$957.60 Regular price$1,064.00
Save $101.40
Finlandia FIN 60 Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FIN 60 Sauna Heater
Sale price$912.60 Regular price$1,014.00
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Finlandia FIN-45S Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FIN-45S Sauna Heater
Sale price$892.80 Regular price$992.00
Save $94.20
Finlandia FIN-45 Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FIN-45 Sauna Heater
Sale price$847.80 Regular price$942.00
Save $92.00
Finlandia FIN-30S Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FIN-30S Sauna Heater
Sale price$822.00 Regular price$914.00
Save $86.40
Finlandia FIN-30 Sauna Heater
FinlandiaFinlandia FIN-30 Sauna Heater
Sale price$777.60 Regular price$864.00

Authentic Finnish sauna experience with the Finlandia Electric Heater

🔗 Durable Construction:

Crafted with Finnish precision,
Finlandia Electric Heaters are known for their robust build, ensuring longevity and reliability. Enjoy a sauna experience that stands the test of time with quality you can trust. 🏋️‍♂️🛠️

🌬️ Efficient Heating Elements:

Experience the efficiency of Finlandia's electric heating technology, providing rapid and consistent warmth. Revel in a sauna that quickly reaches the perfect temperature, inviting you to unwind in
comfort. ⚡🌡️

🎛️ User-Friendly Controls:

Take control of your sauna sessions with easy-to-use controls. Adjust the temperature to your liking, creating a personalized atmosphere that suits your relaxation preferences. 🎛️✨

🌿 Sleek Scandinavian Design:

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your sauna space with the sleek and modern design of Finlandia Electric Heaters.
Imbue your surroundings with a touch of Scandinavian elegance as you indulge in
your well-deserved retreat. 🌲🎨

🔥 Powerful Sauna Experience:

Feel the power of authentic Finnish sauna heat with Finlandia Electric Heaters. Bask in the enveloping warmth, allowing your body and mind to unwind in a sanctuary that mirrors the heart of Finnish sauna traditions. 💆‍♂️

🌱 Eco-Conscious Performance:

Embrace sustainability with Finlandia's commitment to eco-friendly practices. Enjoy your sauna sessions with the
knowledge that your choice aligns with environmental responsibility. 🌱🌍

Embark on a journey of relaxation and well-being with the Finlandia Electric Heater, where every element is designed to bring the essence of Finnish saunas into your own personal retreat. 🌟🔥🧖‍♀️