What if I find lower price somewhere else? 

All our products are backed with 30 days price drop guarantee. It means within 30 days of purchase if you find lower price from authorized seller, we will refund you the difference and will give you additional $50 coupon for your next purchase for your loyalty.

What is the difference between I-Beam and DWF Construction? (For Hot Tub)

Both constructions provide excellent stability. The I-Beam construction offers a soft and comfortable tub while the DWF (Double-Wall Fabric) construction makes the tub more sturdy. Both of these material used in highly durable and offers great strength.

How much is shipping? 

We provide FREE SHIPPING on all of our products orders throughout the United States (Except Hawaii and Alaska). 

Where do your products ship from? 

Our suppliers are based in different places through the United States and Canada and your product will ship from our suppliers at those locations. We only work with US/ Canada based suppliers. 

Which Shipping Company do you use?

We ship via USPS, UPS or FedEx. Based on the size of the product, type of delivery is decided. If it's big size, it will be LTL else it will be at your front door.

Can I leave my kids alone in hot tub?

Usually hot tubs are safe for kids but we strongly recommend kids below age of 10 should always be monitored by an adult parent to avoid any accidents.

Are These Hot Tubs/ Spa Consume lot of energy/ electricity?

All hot tubs after 2019 comes with energy efficient certification and power saving timers. This helps reduce energy/ electricity efficiently.

How often should I change water in my hot tub?

The frequency of changing the water depends on how often you use the hot tub and how effectively you maintain your water with chemicals. We recommend you change your hot tub water at least once in every 1 month. The frequency of water changes can be reduced by keeping the hot tub covered when not in use, testing water regularly to ensure proper chemical balance and operating the pump for an adequate number of hours each day. Keeping the filter pump cartridge clean and replacing cartridge on time also helps.

What is the difference between Air Jet and Hydro Jet?

Air jet and hydro jet are both terms that are commonly associated with methods of cleaning or propelling materials, but they refer to different principles and applications. Here's a brief overview of the differences between air jet and hydro jet:

Air Jet:

An air jet uses compressed air to create a high-velocity stream of air.

Commonly used in various industrial applications, including cleaning, drying, and conveying materials.

Air jets are often used in pneumatic systems where air pressure is used to perform tasks like cleaning surfaces, removing debris, or transporting materials.

Hydro Jet:

A hydro jet uses water (or other liquids) at high pressure to perform various tasks.

Commonly employed in applications such as cleaning sewer lines, removing blockages, and cutting through materials.

Hydro jets are frequently used in plumbing and municipal maintenance to clear clogged pipes and drains.

In summary, the key difference lies in the medium they use for generating pressure. Air jets use compressed air, while hydro jets use high-pressure water or other liquids. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the task or application.

When will my product get here? 

Due to the jump in popularity of at home delivery of products over the last year shipping times are generally longer now than they usually would be. Please give us a call to know exact lead times. We try to keep our shipping time updated on all of our product pages so ideally you should receive your package within that timeline.

Does my product come assembled? If not, can you assemble it? 

The products we carry are pre-fabricated and come disassembled on pallets.  They each come with instruction manuals for assembly and most of them only require a Philips head screwdriver to assemble. Although that time can vary based on the size of the product and your level of comfort in assembling it. Please call us to know average time to assemble each product.  

We do not provide assembly services at this time, but assembly is very straightforward. We are also more than happy to connect you with someone locally who can assemble the product for you. The cost of assembly is normally about $300 to $400.  

Do you provide financing? 

We do! We have partnered with Klarna to offer financing options at checkout.  Just click on the Klarna link next to the sale price of the product you want to buy and Klarna will pre-approve you in a few steps.  

Klarna would also like to remind you that if one or more items in your order has an extended ship date, your loan payment(s), including interest, may be due before the merchant ships all of the items. Please note that you may not receive a rebate of any interest that may have already accrued on an amount that later gets refunded.