Finlandia FIN-80 Sauna Heater

Finlandia FIN-80 Sauna Heater

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Voltage and Phase:240V/1PH

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The Finlandia FIN-80 electric sauna heater is engineered for sauna rooms up to 425 cubic feet (CF).

The wall-mounted FIN-80 sauna heater generates an intensely, penetrating heat. The unit includes professional-grade stainless-steel heating elements, durable stainless components, and a large rock capacity.

The FIN-80 is designed so that that the sauna rocks are in direct contact with the heating elements for optimal heat efficiency. Its large rock capacity ensures an even and consistent heat.

The FIN-80 8kW heater is available in 240V, single-phase (1PH) and 208V, three-phase (3PH) configurations. The sauna unit may be ordered with the standard red enamel finish or the optional stainless-steel exterior (FIN-80-S).

Finlandia FIN Series sauna heaters are engineered to provide years of reliable and efficient operation. Staying true to the company's deep Finnish roots, the FIN-80 electric sauna stove fills the room with waves of invigorating heat. The unit is perfect for any home sauna kit.

When you buy a sauna, value and quality are important. Finlandia sauna heating units are made by Harvia manufacturing company and are designed, engineered, and crafted in Finland.

The FIN-80 requires a control for operation, sold separately. For 240V/1PH operation, the CX170 control or F2T control with the FX402 contactor can be used. For 208V/3PH operation, the CX170 control or FT2 control with the FX303 contactor can be used. For commercial applications, the FIN-80 can be run 24 hours a day with the CX170 control and 24H7D time clock, or the F2 control with its respective contactor and 24H7D time clock.

The FIN-80 carries a limited lifetime warranty and is fully serviceable. All Finlandia and Harvia sauna heaters are UL and ETL listed for your safety.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Wall-mounted
  • Stainless steel elements
  • Industrial grade, serviceable heating elements
  • Requires wall-mounted time/temperature control
  • Requires a contactor with F2 and F-2T controls
  • For sauna rooms up to 425 ct. Ft.
  • Sauna heater
  • 50lbs of Igneous sauna stones
  • Installation and operation manual
Model FIN80
Kilowatt Rating 8.0 KW

Cubic Feet
Minimum 250 CF
Maximum 425 CF

Heater Weight 40 lbs
Shipping Weight with Sauna Stones 90 lbs

Nominal Amperage
240V, Single Phase 33.3 Amps
208V, 3-Phase 22.2 Amps

Recommended Minimum Copper Wire Supply
240V, Single Phase 8 AWG
208V, 3-Phase 10 AWG

Width 16"
Depth 11"
Height 24"