Sauna Pail & Ladle, Black Aluminum, 1.5 Gallon (6L)
Sauna Pail & Ladle, Black Aluminum, 1.5 Gallon (6L)

Auroom Sauna Pail & Ladle, Black Aluminum, 1.5 Gallon (6L)

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The Auroom Sauna Pail and Ladle is an indespensible addition to your sauna. Enjoy a true sauna experience with the intense, penetrating effect that occurs when you add a ladle of water onto the hot rocks of your sauna heater. There's nothing like it.

Bathers have enjoyed the myriad of health benefits saunas have provided for thousands of years. Create your own wellness sanctuary and experience the sauna’s ability to alleviate stress, detoxify, improve circulation, alleviate pain and muscle aches, improve cognitive function, and reduce inflammation. Make sauna bathing a part of your wellness ritual!

  • Made from Lightweight Aluminum
  • Wooden Handle
  • Wooden Handle Ladle
  • Black
  • Water capacity: 1.5 Gallon (6L)
  • Product Dimension: 8"W (20 cm) x 15"H (38 cm)
  • Pail and Ladle
Model Pail & Ladle
Color Black
Bucket Material Lightweight Aluminium
Handle Material Natural Wood
Width 8"
Height 15"
Water Capicity 1.5 Gallon (6L)