Infrared Sauna Accessories

The Best Infrared Sauna Accessories of 2024

Learn how to maximize the benefits of your sauna sessions with the best infrared sauna accessories. Our article covers everything from sauna accessories. Take your relaxation and wellness to the next level - read the full blog now!
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Stress and daily routine can affect people’s well-being in this modern world. Many are always busy, and finding moments of relaxation can be difficult. That's where saunas can offer a valuable escape. So imagine, after a long day at work, you step into your sauna, a warm and peaceful sanctuary. But what if you could make your sauna experience even better? What if you could improve your comfort, effectiveness, and relaxation? That's where the top infrared sauna accessories of 2024 come in. 

Learn how to maximize the benefits of your sauna sessions with the best infrared sauna accessories. Our article covers everything from sauna accessories. Take your relaxation and wellness to the next level - read the full blog now!


The Importance of Sauna Accessories

Accessories for saunas are important to make the experience better. These items make you feel cozier, help you relax, and improve your sauna experience. Examples include backrests, headrests, and towels for extra comfort.

Accessories, like foot warmers, can help with heat therapy. Likewise, oil diffusers help you relax and relieve stress. Timers and humidity monitors help you manage your session time and keep track of humidity levels. By using the right accessories, your sauna can become a place where you feel good and relaxed.


Top Infrared Sauna Accessories of 2024

The year 2024 has seen a surge in innovative and user-friendly infrared sauna accessories. Here's a detailed look at some of the top picks:

SaunaLife Emood Color Lighting for ERGO Sauna

Make your sauna time special with the SaunaLife Emood Color Lighting. It is made for ERGO Saunas and lets you change the colors inside to feel calm or excited. It's like having a rainbow at your fingertips!

Core Features:

  • Choose from many colors to match how you feel
  • Make the light brighter or softer, however, you like
  • The lights are even and pretty, without any dots
  • Use a phone app to change the settings easily
  • Fits right in with ESCONCE+ lights in ERGO Sauna Barrels
  • Safe to use even when it's wet
  • Made with special wood that helps you relax
  • Comes with a remote you should keep dry
  • Doesn't use much energy and is safe in the heat

SaunaLife E6/E7/E8 Sauna Barrel Floor

Make your SaunaLife Model E6 Barrel Sauna better with the E6/E7/E8 Floor. This floor is made from strong Nordic thermo-spruce wood. It's tough and steady. It's perfect for saunas and gives you a safe and comfy place to stand.

Core Features:

  • Offers a firm and even area to walk on
  • Stands up well against different weather conditions
  • Perfectly suited for the high humidity and temperatures of saunas
  • Built strong to last long
  • Maintains its shape and doesn't bend or twist over time
  • Safe, with no harmful chemicals used
  • Easy to handle and install due to its lightweight
  • Made with eco-conscious materials
  • Crafted to hold the right amount of moisture, making it suitable for sauna use

SaunaLife Waterproof Sauna Barrel Electrical Enclosure

This SaunaLife product is a special box that keeps the electrical parts of your barrel sauna safe from water and weather. This is made of tough UV-stabilized polycarbonate plastic, which is durable and sun-resistant. The box is waterproof (IP67 rated) with a rubber seal to prevent water entry. It has a hinged door for easy access to electrical components for repairs.

Core Features:

  • Keeps water and dust away from the electrical stuff inside
  • Made of a tough material that can handle sunlight without breaking down
  • A rubber seal keeps water out
  • It opens and closes easily for fast access
  • The metal locks are strong and don't rust or break easily

SaunaLife Mood Lighting

SaunaLife Mood Lighting is a special light system for your home sauna. It lets you change colors inside your sauna, creating a peaceful or exciting mood. It's easy to use and designed to work well in the warm and humid conditions of a sauna.

Core Features:

  • Choose from many colors to set the mood you want
  • The lights can help you relax and feel calm
  • The lighting can help your blood flow better
  • The lights can make your body stronger and healthier
  • You can make the lights brighter or softer
  • Use a smartphone app to adjust the lights easily
  • It's safe to use in a sauna, even with a lot of steam
  • Comes with a remote to change settings (keep the remote dry)

HUUM Stone Cage for HIVE Sauna Stoves

The HUUM Stone Cage is a special add-on for HIVE Sauna Stoves. It's a cage that you attach to your sauna stove and fill with sauna stones. This helps make the sauna heat better and adds a nice look to your sauna stove.

Core Features:

  • Easily mounts around the flue of the stove
  • More space for pouring water due to the extra stones
  • Can be placed on top of each other for more stones
  • Planned to look good with your HUUM sauna heater
  • Applicable for any HUUM wood stove
  • Stainless steel made
  • It has 11.81 inches in width and a height of 16.9 inches


Essential Sauna Accessory Kit

In 2024, a high-quality sauna kit includes everything you need for a better sauna experience. It focuses on comfort, convenience, and promoting your well-being. This special kit includes:

Ergonomic Backrests

Specially designed backrests that provide comfortable seating during your sauna session. They support your back and promote proper posture, ensuring a relaxing experience.

Soft and Absorbent Towel Sets

High-quality towels that are soft on your skin and effectively absorb sweat. These towels not only keep you comfortable but also maintain hygiene by preventing sweat from spreading.

Hygrometer for Monitoring Humidity

A hygrometer is a humidity gauge that helps you monitor the moisture level inside the sauna. This ensures that the humidity stays within a safe and comfortable range for your well-being.

Reliable Sand Timer

A sand timer is a practical tool to monitor the duration of your sauna sessions. It ensures that you don't overstay and helps you manage your time effectively, preventing overheating.

Adding these important things to your sauna kit can make your sauna time more fun, safer, and cleaner. These accessories are made to help you feel better and make your sauna visits really great in 2024.



Sauna accessories in 2024 are all about making your time in the sauna more fun and relaxing. We looked at cool things you can add, like lights that change colors, strong and safe floors, and a box to keep electrical parts dry. There's also a cage for sauna stones and a set with comfy backrests, soft towels, a tool to check humidity, and a timer to help you watch how long you're in the sauna.

Ready to make your sauna time even better? Check out our collection of Infrared Sauna Accessories! From colorful mood lights to comfy backrests, we've got everything to boost your relaxation. Upgrade your sauna experience today – visit our website to find the perfect accessories for you!