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The 7 Best Outdoor Saunas of 2023

Since not everyone has the space indoors for a home sauna, getting an outdoor sauna instead is the best option. To give you a headstart, we’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor saunas in the market that you can get. 

The Pure Sauna is now knows as SplashBlaze

Using home saunas is one of the best ways to relax and destress at home, especially after a long tiring day outside. Not only that, saunas are known to have many health benefits. That’s why it’s constantly gaining popularity, especially after the pandemic. 

Since not everyone has the space indoors for a home sauna, getting an outdoor sauna instead is the best option. To give you a headstart, we’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor saunas in the market that you can get. This way, it’d be easier for you to narrow down your options! 


Best Overall Sauna: Redwood Outdoors Extra-Wide Cedar Barrel Sauna

Best Overall Sauna

This is a traditional home sauna that has the classic look of a barrel sauna. It’s made with red cedar so you can expect it to smell fantastic during your sauna sessions. It’s also said that even the owner of Redwood Outdoors regularly uses this sauna, which is a good testament to how great of a sauna it is. It can heat up to 195°F in under an hour and you can enjoy it either wet or dry. 

Key Features

  • Type: Traditional (steam) sauna
  • Number of people: 4-6
  • Material: 100% Grade-A Red Cedar
  • Dimensions: 71 ¾” L x 84 ½” W x 87 ½” H
  • Heat source: Electric Heater
  • Extra features: Manual or Wi-Fi Control Heater Options 


  • Classic and trendy barrel design
  • High-quality cedar material and construction
  • High user capacity (up to 6 people)
  • Lots of add-on upgrades you can get
  • Two-level seating 


  • Assembly may be hard for people with no experience


Best Pre-Assembled Outdoor Home Sauna: SaunaLife Model G7S Outdoor Home Sauna

Best Pre-Assembled Outdoor Home Sauna

If you want an already assembled home sauna for your home, SaunaLife’s G7S is the perfect option. This is a fully assembled, large outdoor sauna cabin so you don’t have to worry about building it yourself. With its luxurious design and massive seating capacity, it offers one of the most spacious and comfortable sauna experiences. 

It has a full glass front so you can easily view the outdoors. It’s also made with rich alder on the inside, from floor to ceiling, giving it a professional look and feel. 

Key Features

  • Type: Traditional (steam) sauna
  • Number of people:
  • Material: Premium, furniture-grade Alder
  • Dimensions: 71-1/2"L x 94-1/2"W x 76"H
  • Heat source: Electric Heater
  • Extra features: LED lighting (Wi-Fi app or Remote-controlled), Bluetooth speakers


  • Massive seating capacity
  • Fully assembled so you can save on money and time for assembly
  • Premium materials used for construction
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Slanted roof with rainwater control system


  • Can be pretty expensive


Best 2-Person Outdoor Sauna: Redwood Outdoors Thermowood Mini-Cube 2-Person Sauna

Best 2-Person Outdoor Sauna

Redwood Outdoors has some of the best home saunas. Even if there’s only one user or six, they have great options for you and one of them is this two-person sauna. This Thermowood Mini-Cube 2-Person Sauna has an amazing cube shape that’s ideal for you and your partner if you have a small outdoor space. Moreover, the thermowood used for its construction is resistant to rotting so it can survive in humid conditions and climates. 

Key Features

  • Type: Traditional (steam) sauna
  • Number of people:
  • Material: Scandinavian Thermowood
  • Dimensions: 68 ¾” L x 50 ¾” W x 81” H
  • Heat source: Electric Heater
  • Extra features: Bucket and ladle, backrest, sauna rocks, light fixture


  • Compact and provides an intimate sauna experience
  • Lots of extra features or items included
  • Material is resistant to fungi and rotting
  • Easy to assemble


  • Basic design
  • Not suitable for a large family


Best Outdoor Sauna Kit: Plunge Sauna

Best Outdoor Sauna Kit

This is an outdoor home sauna that comes in a modular kit-of-parts that you can assemble easily. It’s one of the newest products from Plunge that’s known for their super-popular cold plunge tubs. This Plunge Sauna can heat up to 230°F, which you can enjoy while comfortably seated on its ergonomic backrest. Moreover, it has flip-up benches that you can easily adjust and move if you ever need space inside. 

Key Features

  • Type: Traditional (steam) sauna
  • Number of people: 5-7
  • Material: Pine and Hemlock, Incense Cedar
  • Dimensions: 5'7" L x 5'  W x 7'11" H (Standard Model)
  • Heat source: Electric Heater
  • Extra features: HUUM WiFi controller for sauna control, HUUM sauna stones, Accent lighting


  • Waterproof roof
  • Sauna can be controlled through a mobile app
  • Unique flip-up bench design
  • High maximum temperature
  • Easy to assemble
  • Aromatic incense cedar material for the benches
  • Can be used indoors as well


  • Front and side glass panels might be too much for some users


Best Infrared Outdoor Sauna: Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 5-Person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Best Infrared Outdoor Sauna

If you prefer an infrared sauna instead of a traditional, steam sauna, Clearlight Sanctuary has one of the best products. Although most infrared saunas are made to be used indoors, this outdoor infrared sauna is designed with lots of technology that enables it to function perfectly outdoors. It uses True Wave carbon-ceramic full-spectrum infrared heaters that are powerful enough to provide the best heat you need for a good sauna session. 

Key Features

  • Type: Infrared sauna
  • Number of people: 5
  • Material: Cedar wood
  • Dimensions: 47" L x 76.75”  W x 71.5” H
  • Heat source: Full Spectrum infrared heater
  • Extra features: Clearlight app for sauna control, Bluetooth speaker


  • Smart sauna that can be controlled through an app
  • Infrared heating technology is powerful
  • Built-in phone charging station and bluetooth speakers


  • Exterior is made of engineered wood which is less sturdy than other materials


Best DIY Outdoor Home Sauna: Den The Sauna

Best DIY Outdoor Home Sauna

If you’d like to build your own sauna outside your home, DIY is the best option. Instead of getting a kit or a fully assembled sauna, Den gives you detailed plans with their The Sauna. Remember, this isn’t a kit so you’d have to source your own materials. With the plans and design, your own Den Sauna will have a massive interior space for many users and even has room for changing. 

Key Features

  • Type: Traditional (steam) sauna
  • Number of people: 2-4
  • Material: Depends on your preference
  • Dimensions: 12' L x  8'6"  W x 9' H
  • Heat source: Electric heater
  • Extra features: Large picture window, 2-tier benches


  • Has a dedicated private changing area
  • Enables you to build the sauna hands-on
  • Giant picture window
  • Suitable for all seasons


  • Requires a lot of planning and work 


Best Budget Sauna: Almost Heaven Salem 2-Person Traditional Sauna

Best Budget Sauna

If you’re on a budget and don't have a lot of space to work with in your backyard, this two-person sauna is a great option. Its barrel design makes it easier to heat the inside up and makes the sauna spacious despite its size. Moreover, with the full glass door and wide glass window of this traditional sauna, you’ll have room for two people without being and feeling too crowded. 

Key Features

  • Type: Traditional (steam) sauna
  • Number of people: 2
  • Material: Cedar
  • Dimensions: 6' W X 3' 11'' D x  6' 5'' H
  • Heat source: Electric heater
  • Extra features: Full glass door, vent


  • Stylish barrel design
  • Sleek glass door and vista window
  • Compact size takes up little space
  • Cheaper than most saunas


  • No roofing material so it’s not weatherproof



There are many outdoor saunas in the market so it's important to plan ahead before actually purchasing one for your home. For easier search, we’ve listed all the best ones we can find above. But, if you need more options, you can always check out our outdoor sauna collection. Consider your needs and wants and take home the right sauna for you!