DIY Outdoor Sauna

DIY Outdoor Sauna: Build Your Own Relaxing Oasis

In this article, the advantages of an outdoor sauna will be explained further. The three methods for constructing a DIY outdoor sauna will also be discussed: using kits, building from scratch, or following building plans. 

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Indulging in a sauna bath after a long, tiring day or during your free time is one of the most effective ways to relax. No matter the size of the sauna you add at home, it will surely take up space. If you’re worried about the sauna eating too much space inside the house, you can always add an outdoor sauna to your backyard or garden!

In this article, the advantages of an outdoor sauna will be explained further. The three methods for constructing a DIY outdoor sauna will also be discussed: using kits, building from scratch, or following building plans. Readers can continue reading to discover how one can create a personal relaxing oasis at home through this type of sauna.


Advantages of an Outdoor Sauna Over an Indoor Sauna

Outdoor Sauna vs Indoor Sauna

In addition to the overall health and stress-relief benefits that saunas offer, there are several compelling reasons why certain individuals opt for outdoor saunas over their indoor counterparts. These compelling factors include the following:

  • Serves as a Private Oasis

After a long and demanding day, there are moments when you simply crave respite from the chaos and pressures of home life. An outdoor sauna offers the perfect escape, allowing you to disconnect from the demands of your surroundings at any time you desire. It serves as an ideal sanctuary for relaxation and stress relief.

  • Increases the Value of Your Home

Having an outdoor sauna at home can add value to your property. While the upfront expense may be costly, the potential for future resale or changing life circumstances justifies this prudent financial undertaking.

Outdoor saunas are considered luxury items with high value. Having one in your property can make your house more desirable to potential home buyers. Think of it as a long-term investment with a potential return. 

  • Saves Indoor Space

An outdoor sauna is best if you have limited free space inside the house. Saunas are big and occupy a large space, making your home feel too stuffy or crowded. With an outdoor sauna, you don’t have to sacrifice any indoor space and still be able to enjoy a home sauna. 

  • Access to the Outdoors

An outdoor sauna gives you space to connect back with nature. You can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors view while getting a sauna bath. It can improve the calming and rejuvenating feeling you’re experiencing while inside the sauna. 


3 Ways to Build Your Own Outdoor Sauna

There are three primary ways you can build a DIY outdoor sauna at home: 

1. Build an Outdoor Sauna Using DIY Kits

DIY sauna kits encompass all the essential components required to construct your personal sauna within the comfort of your home. In contrast to acquiring a pre-assembled sauna, these kits provide the sauna in a disassembled state. This allows a more hands-on and customizable assembly experience.

This is an excellent choice if you seek to tailor your outdoor sauna to suit your specific preferences. For instance, it allows you to effortlessly incorporate additional or alternative accessories. 

Additionally, these DIY kits include comprehensive manuals and informative video resources, streamlining the sauna construction process through clear, step-by-step guidance. When choosing this method, there isn’t a strict, fixed process to follow. Building the sauna depends on detailed instructions from the manufacturer or sauna company, ensuring a well-guided and customized assembly process.

2. Build a DIY Outdoor Sauna From Scratch

For those with a passion for craftsmanship or a desire for a truly unique sauna experience, constructing your outdoor sauna from scratch is a rewarding endeavor. However, before embarking on this project, it's crucial to make a well-informed decision regarding the heat source you intend to employ, as this choice will significantly impact the construction process.

  • Electric-Powered Sauna: If you opt for an electrically powered sauna, be prepared to enlist the expertise of a certified electrician to ensure the proper installation of the heater. Safety is paramount when dealing with electrical components, and a professional's guidance is essential to achieve a secure and efficient setup.

  • Wood-Burning Stove: Alternatively, choosing a wood-burning stove as your heat source simplifies the project considerably compared to an electric setup. Wood-burning stoves are known for their reliability and rustic charm. When opting for this option, ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge for proper stove installation and maintenance. Also, consider the sourcing and storage of firewood as an ongoing requirement.

Moreover, when building a sauna from scratch, you have the freedom to customize every aspect of its design, from the choice of materials to the layout and size. It's essential to plan meticulously, gather all the necessary permits, and adhere to safety regulations during construction. Additionally, consider insulation and ventilation for efficient heating and a comfortable sauna experience.

Materials You’ll Need to Build From Scratch

The specific materials you’ll use for the project will depend on how you want to design your sauna. But as a reference, here are the common materials you’ll need before you begin the project: 

  • Flooring materials (concrete or wood)
  • Insulating foam sealant
  • Sauna heater (for steam or infrared sauna)
  • Wood boards
  • Heat, plumbing, vents, electrical wirings
  • Electricity
  • Ceiling support, etc.

Steps in Building Your Own Outdoor Sauna

Here are the primary steps you have to follow to build your sauna successfully: 

  • Pick a location for the sauna’s foundation. Once you’ve chosen, remove any shrubbery and debris from the area. However, it would be best to choose a spot near your main house since it would most likely use electricity. 

  • Sketch a blueprint of the finished sauna you want. Consider how many people would use the sauna and add two extra feet of bench space per person. This would help determine how much materials and ground space you’ll need for the sauna. 

  • Gather all your building materials.  Since wood is a primary material for this project, consider its resistance to decay, appearance, aroma, and thermal comfort when choosing. If you want a recommendation, cedar wood is a great option

  • Plan and proceed to build the sauna. Start with the foundations and the exterior before building the interior. Also, make sure to add a window and a ventilation system. 

  • Consider aesthetics. When finishing the sauna, add details that would make it look good. For instance, a glass door would look good and give you a nice backyard view. Make sure to research options and find ones that match your taste. 

3. Build an Outdoor Sauna Using DIY Sauna Building Plans

If you want to be involved in building your own sauna but don’t want to brainstorm and plan everything, you can build one using DIY sauna building plans. 

These are complete DIY plans that you can buy online from sauna companies. They contain all the information and details you need to successfully build your own outdoor sauna – from the materials to the procedure. This saves time and effort in brainstorming about everything. Moreover, these plans come with great sauna designs that match many different aesthetics and preferences. 



An outdoor sauna is a great place to enjoy sightseeing while relaxing. Aside from the health benefits, outdoor saunas offer more advantages, like saving indoor space, adding value to your home, access to nature, and having your own private oasis. However, since it can be pretty expensive when bought as a whole, a DIY outdoor sauna is becoming popular. 

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