Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro
Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro
Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro
Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro
Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro
Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro
Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro
Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro
Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro
Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro
Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro
Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro

Luxury Spa USA - Cold Plunge Pro

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The Cold Plunge I Pro is our signature immersible therapy tub. Unlike standard cold plunges that only cool 2-4 degrees per hour, the Pro uses an upgraded 1 HP chiller to get the water temperature down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit in just under 3 hours. We recommended the Cold Plunge Pro for warmer climates that may require more constant cooling. Cold water immersion therapy is not just for athletic recovery and sore muscles.  Cold water immersion therapy helps invigorate the body by alleviating physical ailments, improving muscle recovery and increasing blood circulation resulting in mental health improvement, weight loss, and improved vitality.  

Cold Plunge I Tub Dimensions:

67" L x 32" W X 24" H

The Cold Plunge I Includes the following: 

  • Powerful 1.0 HP Chiller Cools Water to 41 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Built In Circulation Pump & Filter to Keep Water Clear
  • Advanced Filtration and Ozone Sanitation System
  • Premium UV Rated Cover
  • High Density Insulation for Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Plugs into Standard 120V 15A Outlet


  •  Includes 1.5 HP Chiller 
  •  Insulated UV Rated Cover Included
  • Energy Saving High Density Foam Insulation
  • Deep Immersion Well
  • 7 Year Structural Warranty

Size/ Weight:

Exterior Dimensions: 67" L x 32" W x 24" H

Interior Product Dimensions

Interior Height: 22

Interior Width: 30

Interior Length: 65


Total Wattage: 750W Requires dedicated 15 amp 120V circuit.

Why Luxury Spas?

Luxury Spas is one of the leading manufacturers of quality outdoor spas in the United States. In business since 1977, our spas are designed and engineered to provide years of lasting service. We provide top quality innovative spas at affordable prices and offer one of the best warranties in the business.

Whether you are looking for a traditional hot tub for relaxing and relieving stress, a therapeutic spa for health-related benefits, a swim spa for athletic or endurance training or an ice bath for exercise recovery, we have a spa that will meet your needs.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, luxury spas are available throughout major retailers in the continental US.


Luxury Spas offers the latest in new technology with built-in wireless Bluetooth technology that lets you control the music in your spa through any smart device. Our digital smart-touch intuitive spa controls allow for easy operation and our advanced ozone cleaning system eliminates ongoing maintenance while keeping your water sanitized and clear. Our industry leading spa pumps and heaters use smart technology to sense water conditions which saves energy while delivering reliable power and improving operational costs. This results in a longer equipment life and reduced power consumption.


Luxury spas are equipped with energy efficient multi-layer thermal insulation to lock in heat and save energy while the rigid polystyrene skirt helps seal in heat and keep moisture out protecting the spa's internal components. They use industry leading energy efficient smart pumps for
economical yet powerful performance. It’s stainless-steel spa heaters quickly
get the spa to temperature and will maintain the internal temperature with lower heat loss than competitor models. It’s thick UV resistant insulated spa covers provide another layer of insulation to lock in heat and protect your spa
from the harsh elements.


Luxury Spa's patented engineering and design process ensures that every spa we offer is equipped with the most comfortable seating options available. Our multi-position seating options keep the body in perfect position for relaxation and targeted hydro-massage therapy. They strategically place hydro-massage jets throughout the spa to target individual pressure points in the upper and lower body resulting in a more effective hydro-therapy session. Meanwhile, Their integrated armrests, footrests and neck pillows ensure an encompassing and relaxing soak.


Luxury Spas uses a patented outer shell bonding process that fuses together multiple layers of high strength acrylic resulting in one of the strongest and longest lasting shells in the industry. Our high resin-to-fiberglass shell coating provides additional strength to the shell so you can feel confident that your new spa is built with the highest quality and integrity. Our shells are also reinforced with a steel frame at critical stress points to ensure durability and performance for years to come. Our luxury spa skirts are built from the thickest commercial grade polystyrene which resists fading, provides thermal insulation and a waterproof barrier that resists the elements unlike wood skirts that are prone to rotting.