Cozy Heat Grid

Cozy Heat Grid

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Chimney Cover, Grid, Black Stainless Steel

Cozy Heats Chimney Cover Grid H500 crafted from sleek Black Stainless Steel, this guard not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your sauna stove but also prioritizes safety. Crafted to perfection, this chimney cover offers optimal protection against debris and weather elements while adding a touch of charm to your sauna stove. Enjoy peace of mind and cozy warmth with this essential addition to your chimney!

Elevate your chimney's protection and aesthetic appeal with the Cozy Heat Chimney Cover Grid H500 in Black Stainless Steel. Meticulously designed for durability and style, this chimney cover, grid design, combines functionality with sleek sophistication.

Crafted from premium Black Stainless Steel, this chimney cover not only withstands the harshest weather conditions but also adds a touch of modern elegance to your sauna heater. The Black finish complements a wide range of architectural styles, seamlessly blending in with any decor scheme. 

Safety is paramount, and the Cozy Heat chimney cover is engineered with multiple features to ensure maximum protection. Its sturdy construction effectively prevents debris, such as leaves and branches from entering your chimney, reducing the risk of blockages and potential fire hazards. Additionally, the grid design allows for optimal airflow, promoting efficient ventilation, and preventing the buildup of harmful gases. The sleek and low-profile design ensure a seamless integration with your chimney structure, enhancing its overall appearance without compromising functionality.

Invest in the Cozy Heat Chimney Cover Grid H500 to safeguard your chimney and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your sauna heater is protected by top-quality craftsmanship and innovative design!


  • For use with Cozy Heat Stoves
  • Black Stainless Steel material
  • Unique and Sleek design
  • Grid design allows for optimal airflow
  • Prevents debris such as leaves and branches from entering your chimney
  • Reduces the risk of blockages and potential fire hazards
  • Promotes efficient ventilation
  • Prevents the buildup of harmful gases
  • Product dimensions - 13"W x 19.69"H
  • Designed, engineered, and made in Estonia


Model H500
Construction material Steel
Dimensions 13"W x 19.69"H (330 mm x 500 mm)
Weight 20 lbs
Shipping weight 25 lbs



  • Chimney Cover Grid