HUUM Safety Rail for STEEL Series Sauna Heaters

HUUM Safety Rail for STEEL Series Sauna Heaters

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The safety railing for STEEL heaters helps to avoid accidental contact with hot heaters. It consists of light wood profiles. The safety railing is a good way to make the sauna event even safer and at the same time, it adds style to the heater.


  • For use with STEEL sauna heaters

  • Beautiful light-colored wood compliments the design of the heater

  • Stainless steel supports for attaching to the heater

  • Easy to install

  • Helps prevent accidental contact with heater


  • STEEL Safety Rail

  • Rail supports (8)

  • Corner plates (4)

  • Fastening screws (32)

  • Installation manual

  • 5-Year limited warranty



Rail S


Natural Wood & Stainless Steel