Kolo Bucket + Curved Handle
Kolo Bucket + Curved Handle

Kolo Bucket + Curved Handle

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KOLO’s Bucket 2 is a 1.5-gallon aluminum sauna bucket featuring a pure, elegant, and authentic Scandinavian design and a strong bamboo bentwood handle. The sturdy and versatile bamboo handle is comfortable and easy to grip. Superior to traditional wood or steel, this premium-quality sauna bucket is engineered for years of use and is available in classic Black or White. This KOLO sauna bucket is an essential addition to your sauna experience!

  • 2 Classic shades of Black or White
  • High-Quality Aluminum
  • Long-lasting Bamboo Curved Handle
  • Water Capacity: 1.5 Gallons (5L)
  • Designed and engineered in Finland
  • 1 Aluminum (Black or White) Bucket with Curved Bamboo Handle
Model Set 1
Bucket Material Aluminum
Bucket Volume 1 Gallon (5.0L)
Bucket Diameter 9.84"D (25cm)
Bucket Height 8.66"H (22cm)
Bucket Weight 1.76 lbs

Ladle Material Bamboo & Aluminum
Ladle Weight 0.40lbs