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Kolo Bucket + Ladle As Handle
Kolo Bucket + Ladle As Handle
Kolo Bucket + Ladle As Handle
Kolo Bucket + Ladle As Handle

Kolo Bucket + Ladle As Handle

Sale price$119.00

Enhance your sauna experience with the KOLO Bucket + Ladle duo while adding an element of authentic Scandinavian style! This matching multi-functional set features a high-quality 1-gallon aluminum sauna bucket and ladle with bamboo handle. The ladle doubles as a convenient handle for the bucket and the grooves at the top of the bucket may be used to rest the ladle on between uses. The durable bamboo and aluminum construction will withstand extreme sauna heat. The classically elegant Scandinavian design will complement your spa or sauna and while you enjoy a luxuriously steamy bathing experience.

  • 2 timeless shades of Black or White
  • High-Quality Aluminum
  • Long-lasting Bamboo Ladle that can also be used as a handle or set on top of the bucket
  • Water Capacity: 1 Gallon (5L)
  • Designed and engineered in Finland
  • 1 Aluminum (Black or White) Bucket and 1 Bamboo Ladle
Model Set 1
Bucket Material Aluminum
Bucket Volume 1 Gallon (5.0L)
Bucket Diameter 9.44"D (24cm)
Bucket Height 7.87"H (20cm)
Bucket Weight 1.43 lbs

Ladle Material Bamboo & Aluminum
Ladle Volume 10.14oz (0.3L)
Ladle Length 16.14" (41cm)
Ladle Weight 0.40lbs