Saunum Air Deflector

Saunum Air Deflector

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Airflow Deflector for Sanum Air Series Heaters

The Saunum Air Deflector redirects heated air away from your feet when the heater is in close proximity to the bather for a more comfortable bathing experience.


  • Evenly circulates the airflow within the sauna room eliminating bathers discomfort. 
  • Improves overall airflow in sauna room.
  • Redirects air distributed by Saunum heaters
  • Product Dimensions: 11.81"W (299mm) x 3.74"D (94mm) x 7.87"H (199mm)

Package Contents:

Air Deflector

Message from Founder

When I founded Saunum, I was driven to revolutionize the way we sauna bathe. In the Nordic country of Estonia, a sauna is not just a sauna, it’s a fundamental part of our daily lives and our place for rejuvenation and relaxation! Equipped with my knowledge as a thermal engineer, I set out to redesign the traditional Nordic sauna heater and solve the problem of severe climate variation. I wanted to create an innovative solution that combines the best features of an authentic sauna with modern technology, enabling a more breathable and relaxing sauna experience without painful, scorching steam. Today I'm proud of the proprietary engineering that Saunum has developed, representing a revolutionary direction in sauna technology that is transforming the lives of sauna bathers around the world. I want everybody to experience the wellness benefits of sauna and feel the pleasure that a perfect sauna can offer.

Andrus Vare
Creator of Saunum